Renal Failure and Renal Cell Carcinoma (Cancer) 

Renal Failure and Renal cell carcinoma can go hand in hand.  I found out here recently the hard way as they discovered renal cancer in my system.  I don’t know what to think this time as I face my third bout in this life with the big c.  Cancer has returned and surprises it’s in my renal system.  I believe that is why I have to deal with renal failure.  I m not sure what to think about this.  I pray that I begin to get an understanding of what I had to go through.  Sometimes it’s easy to be tempted to be mad at God.  But as I think about my past life there are things I should have done differently.

I’m hoping that with infusions and treatments that I can conquer this beast as well.  I am doing some reading to develop a renal-friendly diet plan which I hope to present on this blog in short order.  I also really wish to share others stories as they fight to eat a new food and renally friendly.  I guess that’s why I have been quiet on this blog. I am so grateful for the readers I am beginning to pick up. I am fighting to increase my google ratings and hope to become an authority on the renal diet.

Advice to Renal Carcinoma (Cancer) patients and Renal Failure patients and friends!

I want to talk to folks who get the bad news that you have kidney disease or Renal cell carcinoma [cancer]. I know how it feels when you get that bad news. I want to encourage you that you can beat this. The odds may seem astronomically in the diseases favor. You may even have to start dialysis, and I know how it is to get that news. I saw a quote outside of the cancer infusion center at Exempla yesterday. The quote just stated, “he who has hope has everything.” Hope gives you the strength to rise from bed each day and live your life on purpose. Starting June 1, I wish to do a series on overcoming renal obstacles. I will do a thirty-day video diary on my fight with renal issues. I hope you join along with me!

If you know somebody that is dealing with these type of issues develop faith with them. Don’t be afraid to ask those people how they feel or how you could help them. Sometimes we will be quiet because we are processing the bad news the doctors gave. Provide them with this important space, and when they are ready to receive your help or listening ear, they will tell you.

My Last Renal Diary Entry

Chef Kenny Green grew up in Denver, Colorado to two developmentally disabled parents. He always had a love of cooking sitting in his great aunt’s kitchen watching her make the best soul food. After high school, he enrolled at the Clearfield Job Corps Center in Utah and studied the Culinary Arts program graduating as a certified chef with the American Association of Hotels and Restaurants. He is also a certified baker. Having kidney disease as of last year he is changing his diet to live a more fulfilled life! Welcome to the journey!

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