Allergens In The Home

Allergens in the Home

While this is not something i would traditionally talk about on a food blog such as this one, i feel that it has alot to do with overall wellness. As a renal failure patient making my home allergen free contributes to my overall feeling and i know it’s making a difference in the Green home. We began making our home allergen free this month by cleaning the apartment with safer products that get rid of allergens.

A Clean Home free of Allergens is Condusive to Good Health

I have found that cleaning my home is a way to encourage good health. When i am in a clean house i feel better about me and my air intake is always better. You would be surprised at the amount of allergens that are present in a common home. Do you have children? Do you have pet’s and animals? Other people living in your home? All of these are contributing factors to producing allergens in your home.

Weaker Immune Systems and Their Affects

When one has Renal Failure some of the treatment can cause our immune system to be weakened. This is why i think it is so paramount that we help protect ourselves. While most cleaning supplies can be used in our home. Sometimes the harsh chemicals are too much for one to take. It is for this reason that the Green’s are converting our home from the super strong chemicals to some natural cleaning agents found with a company i am associated with.

In Conclusion

In conclusion i invite you to check out the website below with a great article on reducing allergens in your home.


Please check out this article from a website i trust and leave a comment for us on this page with what you think!

Allergens In The Home

Source: Allergens In The Home

Chef Kenny Green grew up in Denver, Colorado to two developmentally disabled parents. He always had a love of cooking sitting in his great aunt’s kitchen watching her make the best soul food. After high school, he enrolled at the Clearfield Job Corps Center in Utah and studied the Culinary Arts program graduating as a certified chef with the American Association of Hotels and Restaurants. He is also a certified baker. Having kidney disease as of last year he is changing his diet to live a more fulfilled life! Welcome to the journey!

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