Renal Chef Diary Should I Be Vegan?

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Renal Diary – Should I be Vegan?

Seriously Kenny, going Vegan?

It has been a rough month and I’m sorry I have not posted a renal journal in all that time. Life has been very hard. I’m watching my mother deal with the same illness and afflictions and that really breaks my heart. But I am happy to announce that she is on the transplant list! And I hope when I meet my doctors that I get added to that list as well.


Why I’m looking into a Vegan diet.

I’m looking at a Vegan diet and toying with the idea of becoming Vegan. My religion eschews in our word of wisdom to eat meat sparingly. Many of the documentaries I have been watching as of late have taught me many things about the benefits of eating organic veggies.


Combating the American stereotype.

Growing up in the United States many people are taught to eat the garbage of fast food and junk food. I am guilty, sweets are something that I am guilty of far too often. That is where i think I will begin. In my fridge I have four pops left, those will be my final four for a while. I will drink soda sparingly. I am also a guilty meat lover. My favorite restaurant in the whole world is renowned for their meat, “Fogo De Chao.”


Making Small Changes Is Easier than Big Ones!

As a person that has to deal with heart failure, it is a good mood to move away from foods that are high in sodium anyway. I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to move from the diet I’m already on to veganism. I plan on doing this in a very small way.

I plan on doing it slowly. From reducing the times of day that I eat meat or meat by-products from several times a day to once a day or so. Then I will further take that to once a week in a few months, and maybe this time next year I might become Vegan. I am grateful I have not had any reasons to be hospitalized lately. God has been good to me and my family. My wife is on board for the changes because she wants to live healthy in preparations for her stomach surgery.


How will you eat Vegan at Thanksgiving?

It’s kinda rough to begin now with Thanksgiving on the way. But I am dedicated to providing more lean and healthy vegan dishes alongside the heavy doses of trictofan from the turducken, Many would say that food is life, and I think that food can be a good part of life. But eating in ways that is not healthy for the body can result in a loss of life. With the natural disasters and other assorted issues that affect us, we don’t need to be doing a number on ourselves.


Leaving the Earth Faster is too much a price to pay for unhealthy food!

I think it’s sad that people eat unhealthy things and live an existence in hospitals, nursing homes and in the morgue. Something that God has given us dominion over should not be something that rules us. I find it sad that we allow things like that to cause us a world of hurt. We were given dominion over the whole earth as humankind. Let us remember that and not be subjected to the junk food of our society.


What do the rich know about healthy eating that is not shared with the public?

The rich almost always eat healthy diets, why? They know that it is a part of the secret to having a fulfilled life. That is why the healthy foods cost more than the food you find on the corner. Allowing my conspiracy theorist to come out I believe its part of population control. Why do we have like ten healthy food stores in Denver, but a McDonalds or Wendy’s on every corner? Why do they advertise so much and you hardly hear a thing from the health store? Maybe that’s not so much coincidence, just saying!

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Chef Kenny Green grew up in Denver, Colorado to two developmentally disabled parents. He always had a love of cooking sitting in his great aunt’s kitchen watching her make the best soul food. After high school, he enrolled at the Clearfield Job Corps Center in Utah and studied the Culinary Arts program graduating as a certified chef with the American Association of Hotels and Restaurants. He is also a certified baker. Having kidney disease as of last year he is changing his diet to live a more fulfilled life! Welcome to the journey!


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