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Surviving the Holiday - Renal Journal Entry Title

Renal Chef – Kidney Failure Diary for the week of December 4th

I’m Messing Up

Well, it’s been some time since I have written to this blog. For that, i offer sincere apologies to my readers. I have a desire for this blog to be a blessing to others, and so I am rededicating myself to sticking to a set schedule of posts. So I will be going back to a once a week set blogging schedule on Saturday. I’m not theming the day because some days it could be recipes, etc and some days it will be my kidney failure diary.

Holiday is tough for Chronic Kidney Disease Persons

As I sit back I realize that I have not attended a chemotherapy session in like two weeks. My Kidney doctor had to call me today and ask me if I were still interested in treatment. I gotta get back in there next Tuesday. But not attending Chemo has caused my kidneys I think to start advancing in the failure tier. Be right back making Cincinnati Chilli!

My Cincinatti Chilli
My Cincinnati Chilli

How ‘ve felt lately during the holiday.

Well, the holidays are always tough for me. I don’t have the strongest link to my family, I’m just keeping it real. I have my momma to celebrate with and my lovely wife. But I miss my aunts and uncles and cousins. And it always seems like my aunts and uncles always have a stronger tie to my cousins than me. I’m also estranged from my aunt and uncle who are preachers because I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

If you have kidney failure this time of year can be especially dangerous for you. If you’re prone to depression during the Christmas and Thanksgiving seasons this can make your health especially tough. I want to give some tips to help you survive the holidays.

Surviving the Holidays

Here are my basic tips I found on the internet to surviving the holidays.
1. Communicate your dietary needs to whoever is doing the cooking. I find with Christmas and Thanksgiving there are many foods to be consumed. Some of them great for you like the protein of turkey and ham, and some of the more veggie side dishes like green bean casserole, etc. But there is also a bad side like all of the potatoes, nuts, etc. They may not change what they are cooking for your sake but they will be aware of what you should eat or not.

2. If you get depressed during the holidays you should talk to someone. I recommend a therapist or counselor, but even a life coach or friend will do. Tell your friends and family about this as they can see how you’re doing. Remember that how you feel mentally could stress your kidneys more and that’s not good.

3. Cook Yourself! If you can, do the cooking for the holiday. You can go to Davita’s website for many holiday food choices!

In Conclusion

As I bring this journal entry to a close I want to communicate one thing to all my readers. But first I gotta go stir this chili, I don’t want anything sticking! As you can see the dish I’m making is not the most kidney-friendly. The tomatoes and cocoa are not the best for kidneys. But I am a firm believer that if you do it in moderation things will be just fine! So I’m sharing the recipe I’m using even though it does not fit with our renal theme. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you next week! I used the word holiday instead of holidays as a keyword. Yes, i do know how to spell!

Chef Kenny Green grew up in Denver, Colorado to two developmentally disabled parents. He always had a love of cooking sitting in his great aunt’s kitchen watching her make the best soul food. After high school, he enrolled at the Clearfield Job Corps Center in Utah and studied the Culinary Arts program graduating as a certified chef with the American Association of Hotels and Restaurants. He is also a certified baker. Having kidney disease as of last year he is changing his diet to live a more fulfilled life! Welcome to the journey!


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