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The Renal Chef and his wife Rachel Green

Well, would you like to know about me? My name is Kenny Green and I was born in Denver, Colorado to two developmentally disabled parents. He was told that he would not graduate high school. He would prove those persons wrong, graduating Great Falls High School in Clearfield, Utah. At Clearfield, he enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program.

Kenneth Green - About The Renal Chef
The Renal Chef Kenny Green

He graduated that program as a certified Chef and Baker. So now you know about how he became a chef. Let’s talk about the Renal part. He has suffered from Diabetes from the age of 18. That has grown into several of the sides effects such as neuropathy and retinopathy.

That deteriorated my health even further to where I passed away 3 years ago at an ordinary health care visit to Denver Health. He had to clean his eating habits to fit with his Congestive Heart Failure lifestyle. Later on he was diagnosed last year with Kidney Failure, and he has had to alter his recipe even further to help save his kidneys. He does have stage four kidney failure and has decided he wanted to dedicate his time to helping others afflicted with the disease to eat better and live a life fulfilled!